Wednesday, June 14, 2006

They Might Be Smarter Than You

I take it all back. You should be afraid of Iranians - especially if you're an engineer.

Walking through a small park near Vale Asr Street (back in Tehran last week), we passed groups of young men and women studying in circles on the grass or sitting on park benches - books open and pen in hand. There was an aire of total concentration about them - even a crew of 12 Americans walking past didn't phase them. Eyes to the sky, a young man was committing a page to memory. Under a tree, a group of girls were deep in discussion. The Concoor exams are about to be taken; a chance to be granted a subsidized university education for those who test in the upper percentile.

Engineering is the hot ticket with Sanatee Sharif University's worldwide reputation for turning out top-level engineers.

So, what's to be afraid of? These engineers are leaving Iran en masse - it's called the Brain Drain - and they could be coming to a town near you. Well-educated and passionate about knowledge, you'd better buck up if you're in competition with an Iranian. Movaffagh bashid (good luck).


Blogger Ali said...

why don't you go to Sharif University? they all speak fairly well English

8:11 PM  

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